Here’s a really bad cover I just did! It’s a cover of First Aid Kit’s cover of Tiger Mountain Peasant Song by Fleet Foxes. The capo on my guitar is a pencil, a hair-tie, and two markers and I feel like MacGyver. 

At very least I hope you get a good laugh out of it!
I’m just happy to know I’m getting better at singing, slowly but surely. Woohoo!

So last night Nathan and I did a cover of Tonight You Belong to Me and I just think you should watch it because well it’s pretty adorable. We are kinda ridiculous it was 5:30AM so yep ENJOY!

can you click the title of this post and listen to a few of my covers and tell me if I have potential to be singer/rhythm guitarist in a shitty band

I wanna be in a shitty band man, help me achieve my dream

your feedback is valuable

I’ve got a tuner, a webcam, and a guitar.

Blackbird, prepare to meet your maker.

Shooting for a perfect take.

Honestly, if you take the time to watch this then high-fives to you. Like really, maybe even a hug.

Anywho, this is a rough/in-progress cover of Real Life as a Metaphor for Real Life by House Boat. I mean it when I say rough, my vocals are sucky because the range is eh and I was too lazy to change the key. I dunno, I will either record another or just leave it at this and randomly play that song when the mood strikes. 

So yeah, cool beans.

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something for me to learn on guitar/ukulele

and I can also do tutorials if you’d like C;

Here’s my acoustic cover of Satellite by Guster
The audio is a bit off for some reason
I heard this song on Pandora about an hour ago and decided to make a cover of it just because. Sorry it’s a bit rough but I literally just learned it and made the cover all within about 30 minutes! It is what it is!

Here’s a song I just wrote to my nonexistent valentine!
I hope you enjoy it~

oh hey guys forgot to post this :))

Green Eyes by Coldplay Uke Tutorial (by RawerrFace)

[part of] play crack the sky by brand new

verse 1 of The Fear by Lily Allen

~lol recorded this in bed and have not gotten out of bed yet today~

New uke tutorial!

How to play All I Want is You by Barry Louis Polisar (from the Juno soundtrack) on ukulele C:

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omg I look like the joker when I smile because of my chapped lips skhfasd;kf

okay well here is the 1st half of the solo in Santeria 
(played awfully, I kept hitting an open string slkasdlfk I wanted to remake it but my fingertips hurt too bad)

so uhm yep

This was before my lesson this morning and w/e butyeah

~Awwyeeaahhh~ learning to play Santeria by Sublime

I just started though so it’s very rough but ~eventually~ it will sound better. yup.

We Are Broken - Paramore
(Well, most of it)

I didn’t do the whole song because I struggle with the Bb chord that the tabs I was looking at told me to use so I gave up on that. Basically all it’s missing is one little piece (the bridge I guess?) and then a D chord with “And I’ll take the truth at any cost” and then the chorus again. Wewp.

Anyways, I’ve only worked 2 nights on this, so it’s not perfect. And for once, the guitar is not what I’m concerned about. Here my main concern is the vocals. And I am not tone-deaf, so I do in fact realize I made many mistakes vocally, but the whole reason I did this song was because I thought it would be a good challenge for me. When I first started trying to sing it I was practically whispering the whole thing, so I’ve definitely improved in volume. Basically, this was just a learning experience, so no, it’s not perfect. But yep, here it is!

It’s fun to watch me struggle with the chorus, hahaha. And there’s a part in the second verse where I swallow and like ruin the beginning of the line hahahaha. Yup. Koala-tea stuff right thurr.